Mentoring Program


Aimed at the specific needs of emerging exporters, the Mentoring – Coaching program helps eligible publishers become familiar with export sales, meet with stakeholders in target markets, and properly evaluate the efforts needed to penetrate these markets.

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The objective of the Mentoring Program – Colombia 2022–2023 is to provide a group of eligible publishers with export expertise to help them familiarize themselves with activities relating to exporting into the Colombian market (examination and evaluation of their export potential, promotional activities, rights sales, distribution mechanisms). This program will allow eligible publishers to increase their export knowledge and properly evaluate the efforts needed to export their titles into this market.

Program activities will include a webinar providing an overview of publishing in Colombia, the sale of rights, and distribution in the Colombian market, and a one-on-one online session with the consultant Luis Fernando Páez on the eligible publishers' potential in this market. A recording will be available after the webinar.

The deadline to apply is January 27, 2023.

For more information, please contact Emilia Morgan, Programs and Events Officer, by email.

Guidelines and Forms

2022-2023 Mentoring - Colombia Guidelines

2022-2023 Mentoring - Colombia Part A

2022-2023 Mentoring - Colombia Part B

2022-2023 Mentoring - Colombia Part C

Funding Support

Funding support allows publishers who have participated in the Mentoring – Coaching program to leverage their new expertise by implementing marketing strategies targeted at select export markets. Funding support for implementing these strategies aims to help emerging exporters increase sales to these markets and become eligible for supplementary assistance through the Canada Book Fund.

Guidelines and Forms

To learn more about the Funding Support component of the Mentoring program, including eligibility criteria, click on the links below to download guidelines and other forms as PDF files.

2023-2024 Funding Application

2023-2024 Mentoring - Funding Support Revised Guidelines
2023-2024 Mentoring - Funding Support- Application form -Part A
2023-2024 Mentoring - Funding Support- Application form -Part B
2023-2024 Mentoring - Funding Support - Sample Auditor Statements

2022-2023 Final Report

2022-2023 Mentoring - Funding Support Final Report Guidelines
2022-2023 Mentoring - Funding Support Final Report