Digital Publishing

Livres Canada Books understands and supports the need for Canadian publishers to leverage digital publishing into increased export sales. Digital publishing removes physical barriers to international markets while introducing new challenges.

This section includes a range of export related guides to digital publishing written by industry experts to help Canadian publishers sell ebooks and digital rights in international markets.

The European Accessibility Act and Its Impact on the Publishing Industry: A Guide for Canadian Publishers (2021)

The importance of accessible digital publishing and an enhanced presence in European markets for Canadian publishers cannot be overstated. This report presents vital knowledge for any publisher looking to adapt to new market conditions in Europe and secure their digital exports across various European book markets, while also engaging in a growing culture of accessibility and inclusivity.

Global Ebook Markets and Pricing (2019)

Ebooks are an essential component of a modern international publishing program. Discover the opportunities and challenges the global ebook market presents for exporting Canadian publishers of all sizes and across both languages.

The Global Audiobook Market (2018)

The audiobook market is an area of publishing that is witnessing unprecedented growth. Discover the opportunities and challenges the global audiobook market presents for exporting Canadian publishers of all sizes and across both languages.

Digital Exports Revisited (2017)

The global supply chain for digital books has evolved continuously since 2012. With this evolution comes greater opportunities and also greater challenges. Digital Exports Revisited: Creating, Distributing, and Monetizing Digital Content across International Markets is designed to provide publishers with information they need to compete and grow in an emerging digital marketplace.

Global Digital Book Marketing (2016)

This report takes an in-depth look at the strategies, tactics, and tools Canadian book publishers need to stay ahead of the curve across key areas of digital marketing, including the following: audience research and segmentation, social media marketing, inbound marketing and website development, and retail channel optimization.

Using Audience-Centric Digital Marketing to Drive Global Book Sales (2015)

This report provides a holistic view of digital marketing through the lens of Canadian publishers seeking to maximize their reach and sales in global markets.

The Digital Supply Chain: A Guide to Online Export Sales and Distribution for Canadian Publishers (2014)

The Digital Supply Chain aims to provide practical details about the distribution of digital content to international retailers to ensure that publishers can take advantage of the rights they hold and increase export revenues of digital products.