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Le Québec

An outstanding, inspirational book that describes the most beautiful places to see in Canada’s francophone province, Québec. / Qu’il s’agisse de longues expéditions à travers plusieurs régions, ...

Oil Man and the Sea

With Enbridge Inc. 's Northern Gateway proposal nearing approval, supertankers loaded with two million barrels of bitumen each may soon join herring, humpbacks and salmon on their annual migration through ...

The Suite Life

Hotel living has always seemed exotic. Why did Claude Monet, Greta Garbo, Janis Joplin, Vladimir Nabokov, Howard Hughes, and many other mercurial individuals desire such a life? Besides answering that ...

Under the Holy Lake

By (author) Ken Haigh
Categories: Biography: general
Series: Wayfarer

A child?s face, a forgotten scent, or a distinctive flavour engages memory and inspires longing. Ken Haigh brings us tantalizingly close to his own vision of longing for a place, a people, a time, as ...

Porcelain Moon and Pomegranates

By (author) Üstün Bilgen-Reinart
Categories: Memoirs

For millennia, the land now called Turkey has been at the crossroads of history. A bridge between Europe and Asia, between West and East, between Christianity and Islam, the peninsula also known as Anatolia, ...