3-Minute Motivators, Revised & Expanded Edition

More than 200 ways to reach, teach, and achieve more than you ever imagined

By (author) Kathy Paterson
Categories: Teacher training, Higher education, tertiary education, Education, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Paperback : 9781551382951, 160 pages, July 2014


Organised around daily classroom challenges, this jam-packed new edition features more than 200 activities to help teachers keep students focused, interested, motivated, and learning. This remarkable resource offers practical strategies that develop a number of important life skills to help defuse negative situations, encourage classroom participation, and instil the joy of learning. With over 75% new material, the 200 activities will guide students through a myriad of challenging situations, from understanding technology, to supporting research techniques, to easing stress and anxiety. This practical book has everything that teachers and students need to defuse frustration and boredom, have fun, and get back to learning!