A Bridge of Ships

Canadian Shipbuilding during the Second World War

By (author) James Pritchard
Categories: History
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Hardcover : 9780773538245, 464 pages, May 2011


In A Bridge of Ships James Pritchard tells the story of the rapidly changing circumstances and forceful personalities that shaped government shipbuilding policy. He examines the ownership and expansion of the shipyards and the role of ship repairing, as well as recruitment and training of the labour force. He also tells the story of the struggle for steel and the expansion of ancillary industries. Pritchard provides a definitive picture of Canada's wartime ship Production, assesses the cost (more than $1. 2 billion), and explains why such an enormous effort left such a short-lived legacy. The story of Canada's shipbuilding industry is as astonishing as that of the nation's wartime navy. The personnel of both expanded more than fifty times, yet the history of wartime shipbuilding remains virtually unknown. With the disappearance of the Canadian shipbuilding industry from both the land and memory, it is time to recall and assess its contribution to Allied victory.


"Most comprehensive, documented, and well written, detailing the tremendous contribution made by Canadian yards for the war effort. " John Lyman Book Award jury member

"Excellent resource and excellent presentation, the author knows shipbuilding. " John Lyman Book Award jury member