A Perilous Imbalance

The Globalization of Canadian Law and Governance

By (author) Stephen Clarkson & Stepan Wood
Categories: International law, Law
Series: Law and Society
Publisher: UBC Press
Paperback : 9780774814898, 360 pages, July 2010

Table of contents

1 Introduction

Part 1: Canada’s Emerging Supraconstitution

2 The Supraconstitution: A Framework for Analysis

3 Making the World Safe for Transnational Capital: The Economic Supraconstitution

4 Good Citizens of Planet Earth? The Weakness of Global Social and Environmental Governance

5 Taking the Measure of the Supraconstitution

Part 2: Consolidating or Confronting Hegemony? Governance Within and Beyond the State

6 From Retreat to Revitalization: The Paradoxes of the Globalized State

7 Global Law Beyond the State: Governance by Business and Civil Society

8 Rethinking Canadian Governance and Law in a Globalized World




This timely exploration of Canada’s involvement as a middle power in a globalizing world offers a practical yet often radical analysis that sets it apart as a challenging contribution to a pressing subject.


Through an examination of Canadians' complicated roles as agents and objects of globalization, this book shows how Canada's experience of and contribution to globalized governance is characterized by serious imbalances. It explores these imbalances by tracing three interlinked developments: the emergence of a neoconservative supraconstitution, the transformation of the nation-state, and the growth of governance beyond the nation-state. Advocating a revitalized Canadian state as a vehicle for pursuing human security, ecological integrity, and social emancipation, and for creating spaces in which progressive, alternative forms of law and governance can unfold, this book offers a compelling analysis of the challenges that middle powers and their citizens face in a globalizing world.


  • Short-listed, Donald Smiley Prize, Canadian Political Science Association 2011