Alone on the Trail

By (author) Emily Hepditch
Edited by Robin McGrath
Categories: Thriller / suspense fiction, Fiction and Related items, Crime and mystery fiction
Publisher: Flanker Press
Paperback : 9781774570487, 280 pages, April 2021


From the #1 bestselling author

of The Woman in the Attic

Four best friends. One wrong turn. One shack hidden in the mountains.

To celebrate their graduation from university, Sadie, Julie, Morgan, and Jonah decide to spend a week backcountry hiking in western Newfoundland, tackling a remote route through the Long Range Mountains. Zealous, rambunctious, and overconfident, the group embarks on their self-proclaimed adventure of a lifetime in Gros Morne National Park.

But alone on a trail with nowhere to hide, secrets begin to ooze through the cracks of their bond. The farther into the forest the group moves, the more they drift apart, until their friendship becomes as difficult to navigate as the look-alike trees. And when they stumble upon an illegal hunting shack, the companions suddenly find themselves in possession of dangerous knowledge. Injured, separated, and being hunted by expert poachers, the friends must find a way to get back home before they succumb to the dangers of the trail—and the dangers posed by one another.

Alone on the Trail is a riveting merger of adventure and drama that will keep you reading late into the night—and make you think twice before wandering, unprepared, into the Newfoundland wilderness.