Am I Teaching Well?

Self-Evaluation Strategies for Effective Teachers

By (author) Hanna Cabaj & Vesna Nikolic
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Publisher: Pippin Publishing
Paperback : 9780887510878, 264 pages, January 2000


Am I doing the right thing in my classroom? Are my students learning all they could? Is there anything I could do to gain even more satisfaction from my job? Am I teaching well? If you ask yourself questions like these but aren’t quite sure how to go about finding the answers, this book is for you!

Am I Teaching Well? Self-Evaluation Strategies for Effective Teachers is a resource for classroom practitioners, pre-service teachers and teacher trainers. Each chapter presents a series of self-assessment tasks that will help you reflect and improve on a wide range of aspects of your teaching practice. Topics include organizing for instruction, designing programs and lessons, using resources and integrating technology, classroom presentation, responding to student questions and encouraging participation, providing feedback, increasing motivation, assessment, program evaluation, and professional development. Numerous self-evaluation exercises are fully photocopiable without infringement of copyright, and the book is illustrated throughout with humorous drawings.

The book concludes with an appendix that takes you step by step through procedures for self-evaluation using video or audio recording, a particularly effective strategy that will really let you see yourself as others do.

Written by two experienced teachers in a direct, down to earth, light-hearted style, Am I teaching well? offers not only opportunities for self-assessment but also detailed information on positive teaching practice. The authors’ background in language teaching is highlighted in special sections that will be of particular interest to those teaching foreign or second languages to learners of all ages.

With its comprehensive scope and easy-to-follow, hands-on approach, Am I teaching well? is sure to become a career-long partner for all teachers interested in working toward excellence in their classroom performance.

Audience: Newly qualified to experienced teachers as well as teacher trainers interested in improving their classroom practices.