Table of contents


A Note on Forms of Address

1 Dislocations

2 Many Homes

3 No Easy Path

4 Meeting Babu

5 City of Conquests

6 Battlegrounds

7 Departures

8 Crossing Thresholds

9 Letting Go


Writing Amma’s Story


List of Interviews

Surekha tells the story of her mother, Amma, and the millions of other women who were involved with the Mahatma Ghandi’s freedom fighters and the independence movement of the 1920s.


As a young woman, Amma joined forces with revolutionary freedom fighters that worked in the Mahatma Gandhi–led Civil Disobedience movement. She was connected with a vast network of women whose courage and activism is not adequately understood or rightfully celebrated in connection with India’s independence. Drawing on rich oral history and family diaries, Shrivastava tells the story of the women in her family and their acts of resistance in deeply patriarchal 1920s British India.