Arrows in a Quiver

From Contact to the Courts in Indigenous-Canadian Relations


In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report, Arrows in a Quiver provides an overview of Indigenous–settler relations, including how land is central to Indigenous identity and how the Canadian state systematically marginalizes Indigenous people. Illustrating the various “arrows in a quiver” that Indigenous people use to fight back, such as grassroots organizing, political engagement, and the courts, Frideres situates “settler colonialism” historically and explains why decolonization requires a fundamental transformation of long-standing government policy for reconciliation.


"[T]his book is a good start­ing point for non-specialists who wish to have a better understanding of Indigenous-Canadian relations. It provides an introductory starting point to the history of contemporary Indigenous-Canadian relations. I would even suggest reading this book prior to engaging in deeper or more complex texts or resources; it provides the context for those deeperer understandings." —Naomi Sayers, Journal of Canadian Native Studies 40:1 (2020)