As I Remember It

Teachings (Ɂəms tɑɁɑw) from the Life of a Sliammon Elder

Table of contents

An Invitation to Listen





The Sliammon Language

Our Process

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About This Book

Meet Elder Elsie Paul and discover her stories, family history, and teachings – ʔəms tɑʔɑw – in a multimedia, online book that captures the wit and wisdom of her storytelling.


Elsie Paul of the Tla’amin Nation spent most of her childhood surrounded by the ways, teachings, and stories of her people. In As I Remember It, she shares this traditional knowledge with a new generation. In this immersive online publication, readers can listen to Elsie tell her stories and learn about the Sliammon language. They can navigate by theme—Colonialism, Community, Territory, and Wellness—explore through interactive maps, browse the audio and visual galleries, or make use of the instructional materials designed for teachers and students.