Part memoir, part history, Being Chinese in Canada explores systemic discrimination against the Chinese Canadian community and the effects of the redress movement.


  • Winner, Blue Metropolis Diversity / Conseil des arts de Montréal Literary Prize 2020


“. ..William Ging Wee Dere’s book is packed with previously unpublished information and peopled with mostly unknown names; it takes us into little-known milieus and often hits us with unsuspected insights. But his writing style, swinging from matter of fact reporting to lyrical reflections, and his often self-deprecating, wry humour, lighten the reader’s mood by providing comic relief in the thick of a long epic struggle…. William Ging Wee Dere’s book itself reads like a superb film script. And it stands out as a major decolonial anatomy of English/French settler hegemony in Canada. Any takers?” -  Jooneed J Khan.   Montreal Serai, July 1, 2019

- Jooneed J Khan

“Though not an academic work, Dere’s book is nevertheless a dense read that will likely prove useful for high school and even college-level study. Students of Canadian history – especially Asian-Canadian history – will find this a welcome addition to an underexposed aspect of the Canadian story, especially with regard to the ways in which the Chinese-Canadian community shaped its relationship with Canada into what it is today. ” ~ Quill & Quire, June 26, 2019

- Dan K. Woo

“Born into a family separated between China and Canada, growing up in a Montreal hand laundry, activist William Ging Wee Dere perceptively tracks his own and all Chinese Canadians’ pathway towards political and social equality.”

- Jean Barman, UBC professor emeritus and member of the Vancouver Historical Discrimination against People of Chinese Descent Advisory Group, 2017–18