Bogart Creek 3

By (author) Derek Evernden
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels
Series: Bogart Creek
Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment
Paperback : 9781989754108, 136 pages, April 2022


Collecting even more of Bogart Creek, Derek Evernden's laugh out loud funny, single-panel comics of absurd and dark humour. Similar in style to The Far Side, Bogart Creek is a perfect book for washroom reading.


"With Bogart Creek Volume 3, Evernden makes a hilarious and thoughtful addition to his ever-expanding body of work."
– Brock Peters, Prairie Books Now magazine
"How refreshing is Derek Evernden? This cartoonist is like some warm, dry-witted chinook coming at us from somewhere-or-other in the middle of Alberta. His work elicited genuine laughter from me, a rare feat with me being in the business. Evernden – remember the name – seems a combination of three of my favourite cartoonists: Matt Diffee in The New Yorker, Dave Coverley in the comic strip Speed Bump and. . .well, I have already forgotten the third guy." - Terry Aislin: The Montreal Gazette
"His imagination and raw talent is amazing." - Frankie Sullivan, founder of the band Survivor
"The perfect match of face palm, groan, and belly laugh. Bogart Creek always brightens my day." - Daniel Ferguson, Film Director
"Derek dares to draw where no cartoonist has drawn before to broaden minds and stimulate senses of humour. Please note, Bogart Creek is not a stream in Casablanca." - Graeme MacKay, editorial cartoonist
"With its riffs on modern culture and cheerfully absurd characters (everything from search-and-rescue poodles to knife-toting raccoons to sinister clowns), Derek Evernden's Bogart Creek feels like a natural successor to The Far Side – it's defined by upbeat whimsy spiced with a heavy dash of dark comedy." – James Norton, author of Saving General Washington, book reviewer for The Christian Science Monitor
"Stuffed with killer clowns, sarcastic, blood-thirsty predators and witty psychopaths, Bogart Creek is as funny as it is flat-out wrong. With every God-forsaken panel, demented "artist" Derek Evernden challenges readers to find black humour in the twisted, the grotesque and the charmingly bizarre. This is comedy gold for people who think Garfield would be better with a body count. Strange cartoons for an even stranger world." – Sean K. Robb, Writer & Filmmaker
"The single-panel comics of Alberta cartoonist Derek Evernden can only be described as where The Far Side meets the dark side." – Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook