Canada's Catholics

Vitality and Hope in a New Era

By (author) Reginald Bibby & Angus Reid
Categories: Religion
Publisher: Novalis
Paperback : 9782896882618, 192 pages, January 2016


Reginald Bibby is one of Canada’s leading experts on religious and social trends. Angus Reid is the chairman of the Angus Reid Institute.

The Catholic Church in Canada has experienced seismic shifts over the past 50 years. Canada’s Catholics is a study of the growth, decline, and resilience of the Catholic Church throughout Canada’s history with a view to its future. Although it covers the “golden age” up to the 1950s and the slow dwindling of numbers in the past many decades, the book has an optimistic outlook for the 21st century. Drawing from a new cross-Canada survey of 3,000 Catholics, Bibby and Reid offer an insightful look into what lay Catholics believe and what draws women and men to the life of the Church.