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List of Tables Introduction PART 1: IDEAS 1. Copyright’s Rationales 2. Copyright’s Histories PART II: LAW 3. Copyright’s Scope 4. Owners’ Rights 5. Users’ Rights 6. Collectives and the Copyright Board 7. Determining Ownership 8. Enforcement of Owners’ Rights PART III: PRACTICE 9. Music 10. Digital Media 11. Film, Video, and Photography 12. Visual Arts 13. Craft and Design 14. Journalism 15. Education 16. Libraries, Archives, and Museums PART IV: CONTEXTS 17. Copyright’s Counterparts 18. Copyright’s Future Notes Legal Citations and Cases Bibliography Index




Rapid technological change has completely altered the copyright landscape…[this new edition is] a welcome and accessible addition to support our understanding.

- The Archivaria Journal

Murray and Trosow guide the reader through such murky waters with clarity, grace and good humour…should remain valuable for years to come.

- CAUT Bulletin