This unique graphic novel, by acclaimed Indigenous artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, blends Asian manhwa/manga with the Haida artistic and oral tradition in one stunning hand-painted volume. The story follows one man’s fate in the half-life between human and animal, life and death, as his community—perched between the ocean and the northern temperate rainforest—faces a series of disasters.


  • Short-listed, Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize - BC Book Prizes 2020


“The resulting imagery [in Carpe Fin] is powerful, moving, beautiful and often screamingly funny. No verbal description will do it justice. Interested? Go out now and buy this remarkable book, and see for yourself what one of B.C.’s most challenging and innovative visual artists is up to currently.”

- Tom Sandborn, <i>Vancouver Sun</i>

“...a frightfully exciting read….the images coupled with the narrative drives a story that makes Alice in Wonderland seem like a trip to the grocery store...the visuals alone worth it, but Carpe’s story still shines through….It is a sign of a great book where upon completion, you feel that moment of finality. As you close the page, you think about the journey you’ve just taken, the feelings and the emotions. It makes you want to read it again for anything that may have been missed, or for a panel or graphic not fully appreciated. Carpe Fin is one of those books, a great addition to anyone interested in quality storytelling and incredible visuals.”

- Evan Adamson, The Charity