Club Microbe

By (author) Élise Gravel
Categories: Children's Nonfiction
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
Hardcover : 9781770467026, 56 pages, April 2024


It's a germ’s world. We’re just living in it!
In Club Microbe, Elise Gravel teaches young readers that germs live all around us—and even inside of us! Guided by Gravel in this formidable introduction to the fascinating world of microorganisms, we learn that some microbes get a bad rep for making us sick, but that most are helpful creatures that allow us to digest food, make cheese, and even enable snowflakes to form in winter.
In her signature colorful cartoon style, Gravel describes the invisible work of microorganisms that aid in creating our food, producing oxygen, and keeping our planet alive. She gives us a tour of the heroes and the villains of the microbe world, stopping to marvel at their unique names and wondrous shapes.
Following the perennial success of The Mushroom Fan Club and The Bug Club, this latest installment of the hit science-focused collection will deepen readers’ curiosity for all aspects of the natural world. A whimsical primer on the microscopic life that surrounds us, Club Microbe is sure to pique the interest (and imagination!) of any young scientist. Translated by Montana Kane.


A copy of The Bug Club belongs in every school library.

- The Stranger

Elise Gravel[’s] enthusiasm is contagious.

- School Library Journal

If you’re not familiar with her art work, prepare to be charmed.

- Youth Services Book Review

Praise for Elise Gravel

It’s so funny you hardly realize you’re learning!

- OWL Kids