Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives

Stories of Rage and Repair

By (author) Emilia Nielsen
Categories: Sociology, Sociology and anthropology, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Hardcover : 9781487504373, 184 pages, January 2019

Table of contents

1 Shifting Public Perceptions of Breast Cancer
Stories of Breast Cancer
“The Angry Breast Cancer Survivors”
Narrative Inquiry in Interdisciplinary Health Research
Normative and Disruptive Stories
Description of Chapters

2 Feminist Counternarratives
Sharing Our Stories
Breast Cancer Narratives in Public
Feminist Narrative Bioethics, Illness Narratives, and the Medical Humanities
Breast Cancer Narrative Ethics
The Power of Counternarratives

3 Angry Stories of Survivorship
“Welcome to Cancerland”
Feeling Angry
Challenging Happiness
Contesting Survivorship
The Cancer Journals
Ordinary Life
Bad Patient

4 Questioning Environmental Causation
Chasing the Cancer Answer
Cancer Killjoy
The Problem with Personal Responsibility
Crazy Sexy Cancer
F**k Cancer

5 Queering Breast Cancer
“White Glasses”
Doing Elegiac Politics
The Summer of Her Baldness
Living Elegiac Politics
The L Word
Gender / Cancer Rage

6 The Power of Narrative Repair
Revisiting Counternarratives
Enacting Resistance
Performing Patienthood
Narrative Repair

7 Postscript: Screening Pink Ribbons, Inc



Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives examines the power and potential of unruly personal breast cancer stories and what the disruptive elements of such stories do both personally and politically. The book argues that counternarratives of breast cancer as a response to standardized stories of hope and recovery have the potential to not only transform the narration of experiential knowledge about the disease, but also the cultural politics of breast cancer. To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/2C3QxA6


  • Winner, 2020 Elli Köngäs-Maranda Prize awarded by the American Folklore Society 2022