Freeze Frame

A Vicky Bauer Mystery

By (author) Leona Gom
Categories: Crime and mystery: women sleuths, Crime and mystery fiction, Fiction and Related items
Publisher: Sumach Press , Three O'Clock Press
Paperback : 9781896764269, 280 pages, October 1999


Vicky Bauer is a woman who unwittingly gets involved in other people's business. Sometimes this gets her into serious trouble. Take Rachel for instance. When Vicky witnesses Rachel's abuse at the hands of her husband, Vicky offers Rachel refuge in her home. Weeks later, Rachel is found dead. Vicky is compelled to make sense of this young woman's story and to track down her killer. Vicky Bauer's methods of deduction explore not only the hard facts but also the convoluted road of relationship and family secrets, as she pieces together a fascinating tale of human complexity and deception.


"A series of plots and twists and turns [are] likely to keep readers, both old and new, engaged in the story from beginning to end."

- Canadian Book Review Annual

"Well developed characters, believable dialogue, and an intricate structure will keep readers engrossed in this fast-paced and sometimes disturbing mystery."

- The Peace Arch News