Table of contents

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  • Chapter 1: The History of Radiation
  • Chapter 2: The Science of Radiation
  • Chapter 3 : The Effect of Radiation on the Human Body
  • Chapter 4: Radiation in Medicine
  • Chapter 5: The Industrial Use of Radiation
  • Chapter 6: Nuclear Power Plants
  • Chapter 7: Uranium Mining
  • Chapter 8: The Transportation of Radioactive Materials
  • Chapter 9: Radiation and Warfare
  • Conclusion



Clear and accurate information about the risks of radiation told through fascinating stories. Few physicians give thought to the delayed health effects of radiation or challenge the potential overuse of chest X-rays, CT scanning, or PET scans. This accessible book provides clear and accurate information about radiation so that we can all make informed choices.

“Written from the perspective of an experienced physician and drawing conclusions from decades of evidence From Hiroshima to Fukushima to You provides a vital resource for those who look for critical understanding and comprehension. ” –Ursula M. Franklin, FRSC, Professor Emerita, University of Toronto