Hope Matters

Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis


Hope Matters boldly breaks through the narrative of doom and gloom that has overtaken conversations about our future to show why hope, not fear, is our most powerful tool for tackling the planetary crisis. Award-winning author, scholar, and educator Elin Kelsey argues that the catastrophic environmental news dominating the media tells only part of the story. She shows how we can harness all our emotions about the changing environment into effective personal and political action.


“This book comes at just the right moment. It brings a message of hope to help curb the negativity, the gloom and doom we are confronted with each day. It is NOT too late if we get together and take action, NOW.” 
Jane Goodall

“Kelsey’s book will uplift your spirits, helping you find hope in the face of our current climate crisis, as well as in other areas of your own life.”
Veronica Joyce Lin, one of the North American Association for Environmental Education’s “30 Under 30” education influencers worldwide

“A beautifully written book and an effective antidote against apathy and inaction.”
Christof Mauch, Director, Rachel Carson Center for the Environment and Society

Hope Matters is a clarion call to reawaken our spirits and renew our efforts, filled with engaging success stories, lyrical nature writing, and actionable ideas...This is a book to inspire resilience: for our children, for our leaders, for ourselves.”
Anne Nelson, Fellow, Arnold A. Saltzman Institute, Columbia University School for International and Public Affairs, and author of Suzanne’s Children: A Daring Rescue in Nazi Paris

“In a time when so much of the news on biodiversity is depressing, Dr. Elin Kelsey reminds us that there are good reasons to be hopeful. This book is a tonic in hard times.”
Claudia Dreifus, author of Scientific Conversations: Interviews on Science from the New York Times

“Hope Matters was a refreshing and uplifting read. An amazing and wonderful book!”
Enid Elliot, educator, and leader in the nature kindergarten movement