The first edition of Hubble’s Universe displayed 300 pages of high-resolution celestial portraits from the initial 22 years of the Hubble Space Telescope’s exploration of distant galaxies. This second edition adds another chapter with more than 36 completely new images.


[review for 11 X 11 edition] For those who never liked astronomy in school, this book will change your opinion. Outer space never looked so magnificent, and this book brings it all into crystal clear perspective.

- Shelf Life

[review for 11 X 11 edition] {starred review) Dickinson details the Hubble Space Telescope's contributions to science in both text and images. The book's precise descriptions and captions brilliantly complement the nearly 300 full-color Hubble images that form the bulk of the work. Its ten chapters showcase a selection of Hubble's most significant images with explanations of the discoveries they helped make. Especially fantastic are the images of solar wind stripping away large gas clouds that harbor stellar nurseries; images of Hubble's deep field, revealing galaxy clusters from halfway across the universe; and sublime images of vast, colorful nebulas.... Dickinson explains how all the photographed objects fit into scientists' understanding of cosmology, adding extra context to the pictures. Even if you only look at the pictures, this is an amazing book. The accompanying text and photo captions make the work outstanding.

- Jeffrey Beall, University of Colorado Denver Library

[review for 11 X 11 edition] Superbly well-produced. Any engagement with this "cosmic portfolio," from picture gazing to deep reading, is grandly rewarded.

- Donna Seaman

[review for 11 X 11 edition] There's a new Hubble picture book every year, but this year we're lucky to have one authored by the guy who wrote NightWatch and The Universe and Beyond.

- Alan Boyle

Thanks to Dickinson's expertise with Hubble's history and discoveries and his access to top Hubble scientists for insight and accuracy, the text of "Hubble's Universe" includes facts and tidbits not found in any other study of this iconic space-based instrument. Combined with 330 brilliant images, the clear, succinct and illuminating narrative brings to life the fascinating forces at work in the universe, making "Hubble's Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images" an absolutely essential and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, and academic library Contemporary Astronomy collections and supplemental studies reading lists.

- Midwest Book Review

[review for 11 X 11 edition] Stunningly colourful and surreal photos of cosmic columns, spiral galaxies, nebulas and pulsating stars...accompanied by clear, accessible explanatory text.

- Globe and Mail, Christmas 2012 Gift Book List

[review for 11 X 11 edition] Part gorgeous coffee-table book, [part] mesmerizing astronomy book, Dickinson's latest is a treasure map to the majesty of our universe.

- Publisher's Weekly

The revised Hubble's Universe explores the Hubble Space Telescope and its observations from its launch in 1990 through early 2017. This large-format volume is lavishly illustrated, containing over 300 photographs--most in color--and a four-page foldout of the spiral galaxy in Andromeda... Recommended. All readers.

- S. P. Maran

[review for 11 X 11 edition] This catalogue of discoveries made thanks to the Hubble telescope works just as well as an otherworldly art book.

- David Fuller

Marvel at the gorgeous images of far distant planets, galaxies and more. See some of Hubble's newest photographs as well as old favourites, and learn all about our universe.

- St. Catharines Standard Newspaper

[review of previous edition:] The Hubble Space Telescope has been photographing planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae since 1990. This accessible, visual science reference for students and general readers gathers about 300 recent images from the Hubble telescope, many full-page size. The book uncovers the telescope's technical workings, revealing how the images are created and interpreted, and explains how the images support scientists' theories and predictions, even as some images have taken scientists by surprise. The book's color photos, images, and illustrations will appeal to readers of all ages.

- ProtoView

Beautiful images adorn this second edition, including a spectacular fold-out panorama of a part of the Andromeda Galaxy... The first edition was inspirational, and this second is equally so; and at a price modest by modern standards, it's a bargain.

- David Stickland

[review for 11 X 11 edition] Dickinson showcases extraordinary late-breaking pictures, many of which have yet to receive wide distribution...and presents a breathtaking portfolio drawn from an archive of over 500,000 existing Hubble images. The accompanying text balances accuracy with accessibility, Dickinson's hallmark. And thanks to the author's familiarity with Hubble's history and discoveries and his access to top Hubble scientists for insight and accuracy, the text includes facts and tidbits not found in any other book. Combined with hundreds of brilliant images, the clear narrative brings to life the fascinating forces at work in the universe.

- Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin

[review for 11 X 11 edition] The array of pictures is simply awesome... This book is basically a feast of astrophotography.

- Evan Gough

[review for 11 X 11 edition] A visually breathtaking array of Hubble's images in an extraordinary new volume...a book to fill readers with wonder.

- Steven W. Beattie

[review for 11 X 11 edition] Hubble's Universe....a reminder that the finest telescope in space might also be the greatest camera ever created.

- The Wall Street Journal

[review for 11 X 11 edition] At first glance, some readers might consider this a coffee table book with just a bunch of pretty pictures--the color images are very high quality--but the substantial captions for the images are extremely well written. Though readers can find many of the images online, they will not get the same lucid descriptions of the science behind the research of each astronomical object... This book will be useful as a supplementary resource for students in introductory astronomy courses. Hopefully, it will motivate more students to learn about the amazing universe that they live in. Highly recommended.

- R. Kraus, University of Denver

[review for 11 X 11 edition] You won't find a better celestial tour guide than Dickinson. Pick up Hubble's Universe and enjoy the ride.

- John McPhee

[review for 11 X 11 edition] A very well done exploration of the telescope, its uses, its history, its astonishing achievements, and its unique place in the science of astronomical observation. The spectacular pictures are certainly a major feature of the book.... A particularly impressive chapter explains six of Hubble's top discoveries that would not have been possible with earthbound telescopes... The science in it is excellent, as a layman's introduction to some otherwise difficult concepts... highly recommended for both the casual reader and the serious lover of astronomy.

- John 0. Christensen, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT