Imagining Anne

L. M. Montgomery's Island Scrapbooks


The beautiful, personal, original scrapbooks from Anne of Green Gables author L. M. Montgomery are finally available. Reflecting Montgomery’s youth and optimism, these full-colour pages cover the period from 1893 to 1910 and are filled with insight into the young writer’s inspiration during the period she would create the beloved character of Anne Shirley, who would win the hearts of millions of readers worldwide with the publication of Anne of Green Gables in 1908.


"Imagining Anne provides thirsty Montgomery fans with yet more information about their beloved Canadian author and will also engage scrapbookers curious about early examples of their craft. Although readers 10 and up may find the pictures interesting, the book will be best appreciated by older readers who already know something about Maud's life and work. " —Canadian Review of Materials (Winnipeg, MB)