Table of contents



1. The Bleeding Heart of Settler Colonialism 

Indigenous Legal Orders and the Indian Act 
From wáhkôhtowin to Transracial Adoption 

2. Adoptive Kinship and Belonging 

Gender and Family Life in Cree Métis Saskatchewan 
The Emergence of the Euro-Canadian Adoption Paradigm 
Indigenous Adoption and Euro-Canadian Law 

3. Rehabilitating the “Subnormal [Métis] Family” in Saskatchewan 

4. The Green Lake Children’s Shelter Experiment: From Institutionalization to Integration in Saskatchewan 

The Social Work Profession and the Rationalized Logics of Indigenous Child Removal in Saskatchewan 

5. Post-War Liberal Citizenship and the Colonization of Indigenous Kinship 

The 1951 Indian Act Revisions and the rise of “Jurisdictional Disputes” 

6. Child Welfare as System and Lived Experience 

Adopting a Solution to the Indian Problem 

7. Saskatchewan’s Indigenous Resurgence and the Restoration of Indigenous Kinship and Caring 

8. Confronting Cultural Genocide in the 1980s

Conclusion: Intimate Indigenization 

Epilogue: Coming Home 


Primary Sources

Government Documents 

Statues, Regulations, and Court Cases 
Statutes of Canada 
Saskatchewan Statues 
Statutes of the United States 
Archival Series 
Printed Government Documents 

Canada. Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Indian Affairs Branch. Annual Reports, 1950–1965 

Printed Primary Sources 
Secondary Sources 


Privileging Indigenous voices and experiences, Intimate Integration documents the rise and fall of North American transracial adoption projects, including the Adopt Indian and Métis Project and the Indian Adoption Project. Allyson D. Stevenson argues that the integration of adopted Indian and Métis children mirrored the new direction in post-war Indian policy and welfare services. She illustrates how the removal of Indigenous children from their families and communities took on increasing political and social urgency, contributing to what we now call the “Sixties Scoop. ”


  • Short-listed, Rasmussen & Co. Indigenous Peoples’ Writing Award Saskatchewan Book Awards 2022
  • Short-listed, Wilson Institute for Canadian History Book Award 2022
  • Short-listed, 2022 PROSE Award awarded by the American Association of Publishers 2022