Table of contents

Part I: Raising and Training
1. Conditions for success
2. Breeds for protection work
3. Training methods
4. The association with dogs
5. Education and exercises
6. Breaking bad behavior
Part II: Obedience
7. Training for heelwork
8. Training the sit
9. Training the down
10. Training the stay
11. Training the stand and touching
12. Training the recall
13. Training the send away
14. Practical obedience
Part III: Protection
15. Advanced decoy techniques
16. Raising for protection
17. Basic exercises for protection
18. Training for protection
19. Dutch and German commands
20. The Dutch police dog test


A valuable resource for trainers of all experience levels, this guide provides a comprehensive approach to training protection dogs. Beginners will discover basic principles and methods every trainer needs to know, while experts will learn a number of advanced techniques that will enhance their training. Authors Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak start by examining the breeds most suitable for protection work before covering the basic obedience training that forms the foundation of every quality protection dog, as well as how to break dogs of bad habits. The authors also share expert techniques and tips, from advanced decoy techniques to exercises that increase a dog’s courage. After reading this guide, trainers will have all the knowledge they’ll need to train a reliable protection dog.