Les Filles du Roi

By (author) Corey Payette & Julie McIsaac
Categories: Drama
Publisher: J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing
Paperback : 9781927922545, 80 pages, October 2019


Scene 1

Late summer, 1665. Dawn. By the river. Far off in the distance, a bell tolls. JEANBAPTISTE enters, carrying a pile of furs. KATERI follows behind him.

KATERI: Raktsi:ah (big brother), let me help you. (LUCK-JI'-AH)

She helps him load the canoe.

JEANBAPTISTE: Your little arms are strong.

KATERI: You'll need help carrying these to the fort.

JEANBAPTISTE: You're here to help out in camp. The fort is no place for you.

KATERI: I can help you paddle across. And get to see their big canoes.

JEANBAPTISTE: It's dangerous.

KATERI: Then you shouldn't go alone.

JEANBAPTISTE: I've made the trip many times

KATERI: With other men, never on your own.

JEANBAPTISTE: It's not a safe place for you. There's sickness in the fort.

KATERI: There's sickness in our village, too. Iakoianeh (Clan Mother said I need to learn all I could. How could I do that from a camp across the river? I won't go in the fort. I'll watch the canoe and this stuff.

JEANBAPTISTE: Careful, that's our best pelt. It'll trade well. (Pause. ) It's hard work. If you come, no complaining.

KATERI: I never complain.

JEANBAPTISTE: And you'll do whatever I say.

KATERI: Yeah, except for when you're being a grump. Then you're on your own.

JEANBAPTISTE: Eh kati tho. (So be it. ) [EH GUDDEE TOE. ]


Les Filles du Roi (The King’s Daughters), a gorgeous new trilingual musical written in English, French, and Kanien´kéha (Mohawk), is the powerful story of Kateri, a young Kanien´kehá:ka girl, and her brother Jean-Baptiste, whose lives are disrupted upon the arrival of “les filles du roi” in 1665. They forge an unlikely relationship with young fille Marie-Jeanne Lespérance, whose dreams of a new life are more complicated than she could have imagined. Over the course of a year, Kanien´kehá:ka, French and English journeys collide, setting the stage for the Canada we know today.


"Les Filles du Roi's trilingual, feminist-Indigenous musical is a triumph. ..The level of ambition in Les Filles du Roi is off the charts; its overall success is a triumph. ..A work of monumental importance. Its reappraisal of some ugly history includes an abundance of beauty. " (The Georgia Straight)

"A sumptuous reimagining of our history. ..Reinventing the story of Canada--in ways that respect First Nations and women. It's thrilling. " (colinthomas. ca)

"A true Canadian vision - fractured through European and Indigenous perspectives" (The Globe and Mail)

"Ambitious. ..absolutely breathtaking to watch. " (Vancouver Presents)

"Lush, layered [. ..] gorgeous and highly evocative. ..More than a romance, it's a tale of reconciliation that the play suggests is the direction Canada needs to take. " (joledingham. ca)