Filles du Roi, Les

By (author) Corey Payette & Julie McIsaac
Categories: Drama
Publisher: J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing
Paperback : 9781927922545, 80 pages, October 2019


Les Filles du Roi (The King’s Daughters), a gorgeous new trilingual musical written in English, French, and Kanien´kéha (Mohawk), is the powerful story of Kateri, a young Kanien´kehá:ka girl, and her brother Jean-Baptiste, whose lives are disrupted upon the arrival of “les filles du roi” in 1665. They forge an unlikely relationship with young fille Marie-Jeanne Lespérance, whose dreams of a new life are more complicated than she could have imagined. Over the course of a year, Kanien´kehá:ka, French and English journeys collide, setting the stage for the Canada we know today.


"Les Filles du Roi's trilingual, feminist-Indigenous musical is a triumph…The level of ambition in Les Filles du Roi is off the charts; its overall success is a triumph…A work of monumental importance. Its reappraisal of some ugly history includes an abundance of beauty." (The Georgia Straight)

"A sumptuous reimagining of our history…Reinventing the story of Canada—in ways that respect First Nations and women. It’s thrilling."  (

"A true Canadian vision – fractured through European and Indigenous perspectives" (The Globe and Mail)

"Ambitious…absolutely breathtaking to watch." (Vancouver Presents)

"Lush, layered [...] gorgeous and highly evocative…More than a romance, it’s a tale of reconciliation that the play suggests is the direction Canada needs to take.” (