Love of the Salish Sea Islands

New Essays, Memoir and Poetry by 40 Island Writers


This important anthology of previously unpublished memoirs, essays, and poems gathers together forty skilled and award-winning writers from 26 islands for the first time. A kaleidoscope of short, brilliant compositions, and verse­—passionate, eclectic, and reflective. Islands are special places of unique and lively communities, within a rare and beautiful ecosystem; with diverse indigenous, settler, and outsider histories, circled by an endangered sea that protects and separates inhabitants from a more crowded, invasive civilization. Intro by Gail Sjuberg.


Love of the Salish Sea Islands is a sparkling archipelago of writers who draw us into the lives, land, and waters of their island worlds. A wonderful read –or, rather, many wonderful reads.

- Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress

We who live on the islands of the Salish Sea know how extraordinary it is to be part of this magical place. Each writer in this volume reflects the islands themselves. Poets, novelists, story-tellers. Different, evocative, mysterious and loved. This is a wonderful volume.

- Elizabeth May, MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands, leader of the Green Party of Canada