Mapping a Northern Land

The Survey of Canada, 1947-1994

By (author) Gerald McGrath & Louis Sebert
Categories: Military history, History, History and Archaeology
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Hardcover : 9780773516892, 680 pages, February 1999


The book provides an excellent description of the birth and development of remote sensing, especially valuable in Canada because of its many areas of difficult access, and of geographical information systems, a Canadian innovation. For those interested in maps themselves rather than the techniques of gathering the necessary information, there are chapters on the development of federal and provincial map and chart styles, the wealth of atlases, and the numerous thematic maps produced in Canada as well as on how this spatial information has been marketed. For the surveyor there are chapters on the contributions of geodesy, cadastral surveying, and engineering surveying. The photogrammetrist’s interests are addressed by chapters on federal mapping, Canada’s air survey industry, and photogrammetric research. There are also chapters on education, the naming of Canada’s places and features, and Canada’s international role in mapping and surveying. Serving as a conclusion to Don Thomson’s three-volume Men and Meridians, Mapping a Northern Land will be an essential reference not only for those who work in the field of geomatics but for those interested in maps, charts, and atlases and in new technology for surveying and mapping.


"Mapping a Northern Land will establish itself and remain the definitive work on the subject. The personal perspectives and understanding of the authors, which provide linkages and rationales that would almost certainly be otherwise lost, are of particular value. With abundant and well-chosen references and useful appendices, this volume provides an essential and unique window on a dynamic period of Canadian development. " C. Grant Head, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University