Northern Exposures

Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920-45

By (author) Peter Geller
Categories: Photography
Publisher: UBC Press
Paperback : 9780774809283, 280 pages, July 2005

Table of contents





1 Taking Pictures and Making History: Photographic Representation and the Canadian North

2 More Than “A Mass of Ice and Snow”: Visualizing the State in “Canada’s Arctic”

3 Pictures of the “Arctic Night”: Archibald Lang Fleming and Missionary Messages of the North

4 The Business of Representing the North: Filmmakers, Photographers, and the Fur Traders of the Hudson’s Bay Company

5 From Back to Baffin to Canada Moves North: Richard Finnie’s Northern Visions

6 “Re-Making It Into Here”: Representation and Power in Northern Imagery






To many, the North is a familiar but inaccessible place. Yet images of the region are within easy reach, in magazine racks, on our coffee tables, and on television, computer, and movie screens. In Northern Exposures, Peter Geller uncovers the history behind these popular conceptions of the Canadian North.


In many ways, Geller’s Northern Exposures is ground-breaking. It is the first book to describe and document, with many superb illustrations, some of the extensive camera work done in the Canadian North; it is also the first book . .. to provide a critique of certain key institutions and individuals whose images have constructed and conditioned southern Canadians’ perceptions of the North. But I want to begin with one aspect of this book that deserves special praise – the illustrations . .. readers owe Geller and UBC Press much thanks . .. each image is nicely subtitled and perfectly placed . .. Geller concludes this study with an excellent bibliography. Bravo!

- Sherrill Grace, University of British Columbia