Photographic Atlas of the Moon

A Comprehensive Guide for the Amateur Astronomer

By (author) Robert Reeves
Categories: Geographical reference works, Geography, Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning
Publisher: Firefly Books
Hardcover : 9780228104988, 288 pages, September 2024


Written by a dedicated selenophile (a person who loves the Moon), this guide to Earth's celestial companion is a non-technical narrative that quickly elevates the lunar novice to lunar authority.

Photographic Atlas of the Moon explains how the Earth and the Moon are locked together in a co-dependent embrace, each affecting the other in ways that impact our lives. The reader will learn in comprehensible, jargon-free language about the Moon we see, its orbit, its creation and the differing geologic details of the Moon, some of which can be seen with the naked eye. All the photographs in this lavishly illustrated book were taken by the author, an internationally recognized authority on celestial photography. Reeves has perfected image processing techniques that allow the amateur astronomer, using modest equipment, to exceed the quality of Earth-based professional lunar photographs taken during the Apollo era.

Although Reeves is an accomplished deep-sky photographer, his current passion is re-popularizing the Moon within the amateur astronomy community. Momentum is building for a manned return to the Moon to continue the exploration started over half a century ago. Photographic Atlas of the Moon will provide even the most novice reader with an understanding of the Moon and its allure so they can appreciate the upcoming explorations by NASA's Artemis lunar program.