Play Better Basketball

By (author) Kathy Brook & Dawn Smyth
Categories: Sports & Recreation
Publisher: Firefly Books
Paperback : 9781770859739, 192 pages, September 2019


Play Better Basketball focuses on individual skills as executed in a team environment. It introduces seldom taught mental drills that will teach players how to read opponents in order to react in a way that will put the odds of success in their favour. With step-by-step photography, Play Better Basketball shows players and coaches how to blend sublime skills with cutting-edge team systems to create smart, skilled, consistent, and all-around effective players.


Profusely illustrated throughout... An ideal physical education curriculum textbook and expertly organized and presented as a personal DIY instructional reference for amateur players seeking to improve their performance on the court.

- Midwest Book Review

Play Better Basketball: The Essential Skills for Player Development should be in every high school to college library, and in many a sports collection. It's an illustrated guide to improving playing techniques based on the insights of pros who have established their abilities and honed their games. From basic footwork to defensive and team strategies, all levels of basketball player learn from over 300 step-by-step photos that accompany descriptions of these basics and the playing decisions that accompany them. Equipment, explanation, and next steps notes make it easy to breeze through this instruction manual for specific keys to winning basketball approaches.

- Diane Donovan