Regenerating the Canadian Forest

Edited by Robert G. Wagner & Stephen J. Colombo
Categories: Nature
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Paperback : 9781550413786, 650 pages, June 2001


During the past decade, forest sustainability has been a focus of concern for forest management and research in Canada and around the globe. At the core of sustainable forestry is the ability to successfully regenerate forests that have been harvested or disturbed in other ways. Regeneration practices are vital to shaping the composition and quality of forests, determining the levels of sustainable harvest for entire forests, managing and protecting wildlife habitat and aquatic ecosystems, and restoring severely disturbed ecosystems.

Until now, there has been no guide for forest regeneration practices applicable to eastern Canada and the northeastern portion of the United States. This book provides a comprehensive synthesis about the principles and practice of forest regeneration, with special reference to the province of Ontario. It is intended as a guide for practicing foresters, forestry students, wildlife biologists, and others who need a refernce that identifies reforestation problems and suggests feasible solutions.