Relationships Make the Difference

Connect with your students and help them build social, emotional, and academic skills

By (author) Pat Trottier
Categories: Teacher training, Higher education, tertiary education, Education, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Paperback : 9781551383149, 96 pages, September 2016


Get the scaffolding you need to build strong relationships with students and create caring classroom communities.

As educators, it is important to get to know our students well; to build effective relationships with them and to help them better relate to their peers. Discovering what students are capable of and how they feel about things is the first step toward powerful relationships that nurture learning. Relationships reflect social-emotional skills that set the groundwork for better academic growth and achievement. This book provides a framework for teachers to establish classrooms based on strong relationships with and among students, parents, school administrators and support specialists.