Revolutions across Borders

Jacksonian America and the Canadian Rebellion

Edited by Maxime Dagenais & Julien Mauduit
Categories: History
Series: Rethinking Canada in the World
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Paperback : 9780773556652, 320 pages, April 2019

A surprising and innovative analysis of the continental dimensions of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837-38.


Starting in 1837, rebels in Upper and Lower Canada revolted against British rule in an attempt to reform a colonial government that they believed was unjust. While this uprising is often perceived as a small-scale, localized event, Revolutions across Borders demonstrates that the Canadian Rebellion of 1837–1838 was a major continental crisis with dramatic transnational consequences.
Contributors analyze the extent of the Canadian Rebellion beyond British North America and the turbulent Jacksonian period’s influence on rebel leaders and the course of the rebellion.


"Revolutions across Borders makes a powerful argument that borderlands are not only created by state power and material demands, but are also sources of intellectual change. With its attention to people, subjects, and developments in the United States during the 1830s, this volume will compel historians of the early US to think more carefully about the international dimensions of their field. It successfully captures the dynamism and complexity of the Canadian Rebellion as a transnational event. " Eric Schlereth, University of Texas at Dallas

"This excellent collection has a contemporary feel to it. While it is clear that Canadian unrest came from resentment of elites, it also speaks of a mood of disillusioned populism in late 1830s America. " American Review of Canadian Studies