Stefansson, Dr. Anderson and the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1918

A Story of Exploration, Science and Sovereignty

By (author) Stuart E. Jenness
Categories: History
Series: Mercury Series (0316-1854)
Publisher: Canadian Museum of History
Paperback : 9780660199719, 400 pages, June 2011


This book presents the first comprehensive account of one of the great sagas of Arctic exploration and discovery, the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913?918, led by the ethnologist/explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson and the zoologist Dr. Rudolph M. Anderson. Within its pages are details of the Expedition? successes and tragedies, including the discovery of all but one large island north of the Canadian mainland, the accumulation of considerable scientific information and valuable collections, and the personal feud of the Expedition? two leaders. Four appendices list Expedition personnel, fifty-three geographical sites in the Arctic named after them, locations of their diaries and collected specimens, and the thirteen government volumes arising from the Expedition. The book is illustrated with sixty-four photographs and twenty maps. Stuart E. Jenness (PhD, Yale) is uniquely qualified to tell this story. He is the second son of Diamond Jenness, one of two ethnologists on the Expedition, and he met eight of the fourteen members of the Expedition? scientific team, including both leaders. Following several summers of geological field work in Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland, he served between 1954 and 1985 as scientific editor for the Geological Survey of Canada and then the National Research Council of Canada. Retired since 1985, he edited Arctic Odyssey: the Diary of Diamond Jenness, 1913?916, co-authored (with his late father) Through Darkening Spectacles: Memoirs of Diamond Jenness, and wrote the prize-winning book, The Making of an Explorer: George Hubert Wilkins and the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913?916