The Real Worlds of Canadian Politics

Cases in Process and Policy, fourth edition

By (author) Robert M. Campbell, Leslie Pal & Michael Howlett
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Paperback : 9781551115184, 349 pages, March 2004

Table of contents

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Robert M. Campbell, Leslie A. Pal, and Michael Howlett


    Locked and Loaded: Gun Control Policy in Canada

    Samuel A. Bottomley



Air Farce: Airline Policy in a Deregulatory Environment

Robert M. Campbell, Leslie A. Pal, and Andrea Migone  



Mergers if Necessary, but not Necessarily Mergers: Competition and Consolidation at Canada's "Big Banks"

Russell Alan Williams



Speaking Loudly and Carrying a Very Large Stick: Hardball Politics and Softwood Lumber

Robert M. Campbell, Leslie A. Pal, and Andrea Migone



Whose Land is it Anyway?: The Long Road to the Nisga'a Treaty

Karen E. Lochead




Fifteen years ago the first edition of The Real Worlds of Canadian Politics was published to wide acclaim in university classrooms across the country. Its case study approach to Canadian politics and public policy was a unique contribution, and its enormous popularity resulted in two more editions in the following five years. In all three editions, interesting and compelling contemporary cases presented policy issues in a deliberately dramatic narrative style, emphasizing the passions, personalities, and unpredictability of Canadian politics. Real Worlds was a widely read companion volume to more traditional textbooks, illustrating the "real worlds" of Canadian politics while offering students opportunities for discussion and debate.

This new edition of The Real Worlds of Canadian Politics renews this tradition and the case study approach established by the earlier editions. It zeroes in on five key areas of policy activity at the federal level during the late stages of the Chrétien government and the beginning of the Paul Martin era. The volume considers the political and policy implications of deregulation in two vital industries — airlines and banking — whose claims that "bigger is better" in the globalized environment defied the general political desire for increased competition.  And the hard politics of trade that have dogged governments since the Free Trade Agreement was signed is covered in a case study of the controversial Canada-US softwood lumber dispute. Highly charged and emotional issues that defy easy or traditional solutions are also addressed, such as those affecting First Nations and women. Case studies examine the real worlds of First Nations land claims as illustrated in one of the most dramatic accomplishments to date — the Nisga’a settlement — and the explosive issue of gun control after the Montreal massacre.

The fourth edition of The Real Worlds of Canadian Politics is a collaborative enterprise, combining an editorial team and a superb research group comprising Karen Lochead, Andrea Migone, and Russell Williams of Simon Fraser University, and Samuel Bottomley of Carleton University.