Think Like a Goat

The Wildly Smart Ways Animals Communicate, Cooperate and Innovate


Think humans are the only intelligent creatures? Think again. The unique smarts of all kinds of creatures are on display in this intriguing exploration of animal intelligence!

Sure, humans are smart. But scientists are discovering that many other animals have smarts that might surprise us. For example: Some birds can store seeds in thousands of different places and then remember where they are months later. Octopuses can camouflage themselves as rocks, plants or other animals to avoid predators. And fireflies can communicate with one another by flashing light signals from their abdomens. Covering four broad categories of intelligence - communication, social learning and cooperation, problem-solving and memory, and emotional intelligence - this fascinating book explains and celebrates animal intelligence in all its many varieties!

Lisa Deresti Betik's innovative and highly readable resource about the intelligence of all kinds of critters is sure to delight animal lovers of every stripe. With lively, fun text presented in bite-size chunks, and playful illustrations by Alexander Mostov, including infographics and charts, the book is accessible and easy to read. Other topics covered include evolution and natural selection, ethology and distinctions between instinct and learning. The message is one of respecting other animals and recognizing we can learn a lot from how they solve problems. The high-interest topic has many life science curriculum links, including characteristics of living things, diversity of living things, and growth and changes in animals. The content is supported by a glossary, an index and suggested sources for further reading.


... Betik provides more than enough far-out facts to keep readers engaged.—Quill & Quire (Praise for In the Dark)

A solid choice for libraries and classrooms studying the nocturnal world. Fun science.—School Library Journal (Praise for In the Dark)