By (author) Emma Côté
Categories: Fiction
Publisher: Anvil Press
Paperback : 9781772141900, 128 pages, April 2022


Winner of the 43rd Annual 3-Day Novel Writing Contest

Mortician Mylène Andrews spends her days dealing with death, but has never quite figured out how to live. After her estranged mother passes away, adult-orphaned Mylène sets out in her hearse to see the graveyards her mother visited before her death, guided by a collection of unsent postcards and the residual wake of a tragedy long-considered buried.

With an aversion to black, a colourful vintage wardrobe, and a caustic sense of humour, Mylène has always subverted expectations of how a funeral director should be. Over the course of her trip this helps her become an unlikely media sensation, as she encounters a smattering of strange characters and settings, including intrepid reporters, pesky rodents, and burial sites requiring scuba gear.

Brisk, observational, and darkly comic, Unrest is both a road trip story and a touching eulogy on life, death, and what we leave behind.