The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19

Edited by Colleen M. Flood, Vanessa MacDonnell, Jane Philpott, Sophie Thériault & Sridhar Venkatapuram
Contributions by Katherine Fierlbeck & Lorian Hardcastle & Aimée Craft & Deborah McGregor & Jeffery Hewitt & Michelle Giroux & David Robitaille & Amir Attaran & Adam R. Houston & Bryan Thomas & Carissima Mathen & Alexandra Flynn & Mel Cappe & Grégoire Webber & Tim Caulfield & Jeffrey Simpson & Paul Daly & Marie-France Fortin & Jennifer A. Quaid & Teresa Scassa & Kelly Bronson & Jason Millar & Vardit Ravitsky & Daniel Weinstock & Terry Skolnik & Martha Jackman & Delphine Nakache & Yves Le Bouthillier & Martine Lagacé & Linda Garcia & Leilani Farha & Kaitlin Schwan & Adelina Iftene & Jamie Chai Yun Liew & Y. Y. Brandon Chen & Anne Levesque & Kwame McKenzie & Jennifer A. Chandler & Mona Gupta & Yasmin Khaliq & Simon Hatcher & Olivia Lee & Tess Sheldon & Ravi Malhotra & Pat Armstrong & Hugh Armstrong & Ivy Bourgeault & Katherine Lippel & Louise Bélanger-Hardy & Vanessa Gruben & Sarah Berger Richardson & Anis Chowdhury & Jomo Kwame Sundaram & Sam Halabi & Kumanan Wilson & Chidi Oguamanam & Steven J. Hoffman & Patrick Fafard & Céline Castets-Renard & Eleonore Fournier-Tombs & E. Richard Gold & Jeremy de Beer & Matthew Herder & Jason W. Nickerson & Jane Philpott
Categories: Medicolegal issues, Medicine: general issues, Medicine and Nursing
Publisher: Les Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa/University of Ottawa Press
Paperback : 9780776636405, 648 pages, July 2020


Vast changes to our home lives, social interactions, government functioning and relations between countries have swept the world in a few months and are difficult to hold in one’s mind at one time. That is why a collaborative effort such as this edited, multidisciplinary collection is needed. This book confronts the vulnerabilities and interconnectedness made visible by the pandemic and its consequences, along with the legal, ethical and policy responses. These include vulnerabilities for people who have been harmed or will be harmed by the virus directly and those harmed by measures taken.