Wake Up, Henry Rooster!

By (author) Margriet Ruurs
Illustrated by Sean Cassidy
Categories: Children's Fiction
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Hardcover : 9781550419528, 32 pages, May 2006


He’s no morning rooster!

Henry’s a young rooster who loves to have fun. He plays cards with the goats, listens to moosic with the cows, and pops corn with the pigs. After a long night of fun, however, Henry just can’t get up early in the morning. His mom insists  he’s not lazy; Henry just isn’t a morning rooster. But Henry’s father is off to a convention for a week – guess who must take his place and crow the sun up each morning?

Poor Henry. He’s just not cut out for this crowing business. But if he doesn’t find a way to make it to work on time, the sun won’t rise when it’s supposed to, the farmer and his wife will be late, and all the farm chores won’t get done. They’re all depending on Henry. Will he learn to be a morning rooster after all?


"Henry's father, like many the father of teenage progeny, complains that his son stays up too late and sleeps all day. 'That boy's lazy!'. In fact, he's the very model of anyone's teenage son, and illustrator Sean Cassidy is particularly adept at conveying the traits of the breed—as well as barnyard life. "
The Globe & Mail

"Wake Up, Henry Rooster, is a simply written and beautifully illustrated children's book likely to appeal to children of all ages. "
curled up with a good kid's book

"The vivid images and well-paced text make this a fun read-aloud. "
School Library Journal Reviews

". . . an inspiring and entertaining tale of a young rooster's ultimate acceptance of his required tasks and responsibilities. "
Children's Bookwatch

"How can you not love a 32-page book with a story this strong?"
January Magazine

"I am not a morning person, so I relate very well to the story. . . The illustrations of the 'night life,' including cows dancing in pink bloomers, and the other animals are great. "
The Post-Tribune

"Margriet Ruurs artfully combines an original story with illustrations from Sean Cassidy to create the fun and entertaining picture-book story of Henry the Rooster's late-night escapades. . . A welcome addition to any school or community picture-book collection. "
Midwest Book Review