When Teens Abuse Their Parents

By (author) Barbara Cottrell
Categories: Family & Relationships
Publisher: Fernwood Publishing
Paperback : 9781552661437, 160 pages, April 2005

Table of contents

  • : Parents’ Stories
  • : What is Parent Abuse?
  • : More Parents’ Stories
  • : Who is Abused?
  • : Teens Speak
  • : Who is Doing the Abusing?
  • : The Final Blow
  • : Looking for Causes
  • : Information and Support
  • : Supportive Listeners
  • : The Ultimate Goal: Regaining Control and Healing the Relationship
  • : Spreading the Word
  • : Conclusion: Help Wanted
  • : Index


Addressing the whats, whos, and whys of parent abuse, this exposé breaks the silence around this seldom mentioned but all too widely occurring problem and tells the stories of the parents who have been abused by their children, most of whom are teenagers, and the stories of the children who abuse. Offering advice, guidelines, and help for both parents and abusive children, recommending professional help from counselors and community workers, and discussing how parent support groups can be helpful, this reference provides a wide range of options for parents in trouble and advocates a program for developing community awareness of the parent abuse conflict.