Wild Alberta

A Visual Celebration

Text by Wayne Lynch
Photographs by Wayne Lynch
Foreword by Andy Russell
Categories: Nature and the natural world: general interest, Lifestyle, Hobbies and Leisure
Publisher: Fifth House Publishers
Hardcover : 9781894856331, 144 pages, June 2005


Wild Alberta: A Visual Celebration is a journey of discovery that invites Albertans and visitors to explore the wildlife heritage and natural wonders of the province’s four eco-regions: boreal forest, aspen parkland, badlands, and mountains.

Despite the fact that Alberta is not as wild as it once was, Lynch shows us that there is still much to celebrate, much to discover, much to savour and admire, and much to protect for the future. It is also a testament to the exceptional natural beauty and biological significance of the province that, of the thirteen locations in Canada designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in recognition of their outstanding value to humanity, five are found in Alberta: Banff/Jasper National Parks, Waterton National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Lavishly illustrated with exceptionally beautiful colour photographs and sketches, Wild Alberta: A Visual Celebration describes Alberta’s magnificent landscapes, flora, and fauna. Throughout the text Lynch also outlines some of the big changes – both success stories and areas of concern – that have occurred in the wildlife populations of the province over the last hundred years.

Recognized and respected as one of North America?s leading wildlife and natural history photographers, Wayne Lynch has spent the last twenty-five years capturing images of wildlife in wild places the world over. His impressive photo credits include hundreds of magazine covers, thousands of calendar shots, and tens of thousands of images published in over two dozen countries. Lynch is also an award-winning science writer, a popular guest lecturer, and a veteran photo-safari leader. He has authored more than two dozen highly acclaimed natural history books including The Great Northern
Kingdom, Wild Birds Across the Prairies and Mountain Bears.

Wayne lives with his wife, author Aubrey Lang, in Calgary.