With Glowing Hearts

How Ordinary Women Worked Together to Change the World (And Did)

By (author) Jennifer Wynne Webber
Categories: Drama
Publisher: J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing
Paperback : 9781927922491, 80 pages, April 2019


When the Kirkland Lake gals of 1941 begin to share their story, they soon find themselves pulled right back into the fateful winter of 1941–1942. There, they gather again at the mine-head, waiting for word on the men trapped underground, as their fear and rage builds. When the husband of one woman is badly injured, their desire to help her quickly leads them into a much larger campaign. Before long, they’ve become the heart and soul of a large-scale union-organizing drive that is put to the test by their own inexperience, a bitter strike, and the brutal force of the powers that be.


“Your heart will glow with pride in our history and fill with hope for our future. A “must see" for everyone, whether you are a social activist or not. Go celebrate this true story and leave inspired and challenged.” —Barb Byers, Member of the Order of Canada, former Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Labour Congress