Youth Criminal Justice Law 1/e

By (author) Nicholas Bala
Foreword by Heino Lilles
Categories: Crime and criminology, Social services and welfare, criminology, Society and Social Sciences
Series: Essentials of Canadian Law
Publisher: Irwin Law
Paperback : 9781552210574, 615 pages, November 2002

Table of contents

Foreword by Judge Heino Lilles, Yukon Territorial Court
CHAPTER 1: Responding to Youth Crime in Canada
CHAPTER 2: Principles for Responding to Youth Offending
CHAPTER 3: Jurisdiction of the Youth Justice Court
CHAPTER 4: Arrest, Police Questioning, and Pre-trial Detention
CHAPTER 5: Diversion and Extrajudicial Measures
CHAPTER 6: Lawyers in the Youth Justice Process
CHAPTER 7: The Youth Justice court Process
CHAPTER 8: Sentencing Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
CHAPTER 9: Adult Sentencing for Youths
CHAPTER 10: Canadian Youth Crime in Context - Sanjeev Anand and Nicholas Bala
Table of Cases


This timely book, by one of Canada’s leading scholars of youth justice, is a succinct and authoritative introduction to an important, controversial area of Canadian law. Our response to young persons who violate criminal law is profoundly significant not simply for those who are directly involved in the process, but also for society as a whole.