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Rise Up and Sing!

By (author) Andrea Warner
Illustrated by Louise Reimer
Categories: Children’s / Teenage: Social issues

This inspiring introduction to activism and social justice for young teens shows the important role music plays in changing the world, featuring:

  • Musicians young teens will know and love: Beyoncé, Billie ...

Call Me Bill

By (artist) Lynette Rchards
Introduction by Emily Burton
Categories: Young Adult Nonfiction

A gorgeously illustrated historical graphic novel based on a real person who, defying gender expectations, left home in search of adventure and a more authentic life.
It was April 1, 1873. In the middle ...


By (author) Habiba Cooper Diallo
Foreword by Awad Ibrahim
Categories: Biography: general

#BlackInSchool is Habiba Cooper Diallo’s high school journal, in which she documents, processes, and resists the systemic racism, microaggressions, stereotypes, and outright racism she experienced in ...

The Power of Style

By (author) Christian Allaire
Categories: Young Adult Nonfiction

This non-fiction debut takes the reader through boldly designed chapters to discuss topics like cosplay, makeup, hijabs, and hair, probing the connections between fashion and history, culture, politics, ...

The Disability Experience

The Disability Experience examines the way people with disabilities (PWDs) have historically been ignored, reviled and marginalized. It also celebrates their triumphs and achievements and shares the powerful ...

Fired Up about Consent

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women will be sexually or physically assaulted in her lifetime. These rates are very similar for non-binary people and other feminized people, ...

The League of Super Feminists

Translated by Aleshia Jensen
By (author) Mirion Malle
Categories: Young Adult Nonfiction

This primer on feminism and media literacy teaches young readers why it matters
The League of Super Feminists is an energetic and fierce comic for tweens and younger teens. Cartoonist Mirion Malle guides ...

How I Survived

After his snowmobile breaks down halfway across the sea ice on a trip back from a fishing camp, Serapio Ittusardjuat recounts the traditional skills and knowledge he leaned on to stay alive.

This harrowing ...


We can change the world with gene editing—but should we? CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. If it sounds complicated, it is—but it’s also one of the most ...

If I Go Missing

Combining graphic fiction and non-fiction, this young adult graphic novel serves as a window into the unique dangers of being a girl from a racialized minority background. The text of the book is derived ...