Canadian Studies Collection 2024

Livres Canada Books is proud to offer this latest collection of titles from Canada’s leading university and trade presses. Canada is a nation of ideas, and the 2024 Canadian Studies Collection highlights some of the country’s most exciting insights and discoveries in the humanities and social sciences. Many of the over 100 titles promoted here provide sharp analyses and discussions of some of Canada’s (and the world’s) most pressing issues. Others celebrate the nation’s diverse history, arts, and literature. Viewed as a whole, the titles in this year’s Collection illustrate the depth and range of new Canadian Studies scholarship with insights on the country’s greatest challenges and achievements.

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As the Andes Disappeared

By (author) Caroline Dawson
Translated by Anita Anand
Categories: Fiction
Series: Literature in Translation Series

Caroline is seven years old when her family flees Pinochet’s regime, leaving Chile for Montreal on Christmas Eve, 1986. She fears Santa won’t find them on the plane but wakes to find a new doll at ...


By (author) Dustin Galer
Foreword by Judy Rebick
Categories: Social Science

Beryl Potter was a reserved working-class mother of three living a decent life, or so it seemed, when a harmless slip and fall marked the unravelling of everything that she had known about herself and ...

The Mantle of Struggle

By (author) Irving Andre
Foreword by David Austin
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Rosie Douglas, former prime minister of Dominica, had a life unlike any other modern politician. After leaving home to study agriculture in Canada, he became a member of the young Conservatives, under ...

Decolonizing Sport

Decolonizing Sport tells the stories of sport colonizing Indigenous Peoples and of Indigenous Peoples using sport to decolonize. Spanning several lands — Turtle Island, the US, Australia, Aotearoa/New ...


By (author) Carol Brice-Bennett
Revised by Lena Onalik & Andrea Procter
Categories: Non-classifiable

Called the Northlanders by the Moravian missionaries who sought to colonize them, Avanimiut were Inuit who maintained traditional lifeways, autonomy, and spiritual beliefs in northernmost Labrador. Despite ...

A Whole New Game

By (author) Neil Longley
Categories: Sports & Recreation

Hockey used to be Canada’s game. What happened? A renowned sports expert details the sellout of a sport Canada once dominated to big-money U.S. corporatization and enumerates the effects, including ...

Plundering the North

By (author) Kristin Burnett & Travis Hay
Categories: Political Science

The manufacturing of a chronic food crisis

Food insecurity in the North is one of Canada’s most shameful public health and human rights crises. In Plundering the North, Kristin Burnett and Travis Hay ...

Canada as a Settler Colony on the Question of Palestine

Canada as a Settler Colony on the Question of Palestine explores Canada-Palestine relations through a settler colonial lens. The authors argue that there are direct parallels between Canada’s settler ...

Bad Medicine

By (artist) Christopher Twin
Categories: Young Adult Fiction

A group of Cree teens gather around a fire to share stories of spirits and shapeshifters in this chilling debut graphic novel.
After wandering out to the river near their homes, five teens decide to build ...