Anne Dagg

Naturalist, and award—winning author Anne Dagg presents portraits of Gira, a white rhino, Torgamba, a Sumatran rhino, Jao, the Javan rhino, Clara, the Indian rhino who toured Europe for 17 during the 1700s years in the company of a Dutch sea captain, Rajah, an Indian rhino, and Baby Nandu, born at the Toronto zoo in 2016. These stories are interspersed with fun facts, and sidebars about Rhino reserves; the many attempts to relocate these large animals; what they eat; the impact of rhino horns and money on the existence of the various species; a description of the tragic death of the last black rhino in 2016; what wildlife rangers do, where to see rhinos in the wild, and what people today can do to save these remarkable creatures. Fully illustrated in full colour and maps, the book also has comprehensive list of sources, and an index.

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