Nellie P. Strowbridge

Nellie P. Strowbridge is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most beloved, prolific, and respected authors. She is the winner of provincial and national awards and has been published nationally and internationally. Her work is capsuled in the National Archives as this province’s winner in Canada’s Stamp of Approval Award for a letter written to Canada 2117.

A former columnist, editorial writer, essayist, and award-winning poet, Strowbridge has won the NL Arts and Letters Awards a record seventeen times. Al Purdy included her in the Sandburg Livesay Award Anthology No Choice but to Trust, featuring outstanding populist poets around the world. She has been Writer in the Library, a mentor to young writers, an adjudicator in the NL Arts and Letters Awards, an assessor on the NL Projects Grants Committee, and a judge for the WANL Book Awards and Fresh Fish Awards. Strowbridge has held school workshops in Canada and Ireland and hosted a Seminar/Gabfest for International Women’s Day in Cobh, where she was writer-in-residence. The Canadian Embassy in Dublin sponsored a reading and reception for her. She also read from her work during a Scotland bus tour.

The author is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC), The League of Canadian Poets (2009 NL and NS Representative), the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (WANL), and Page One.

Previous books: Widdershins: Stories of a Fisherman’s Daughter; Doors Held Ajar (tri-author with Isabel Brown and Peggy Krachun); Shadows of the Heart; Dancing on Ochre Sands (shortlisted for the Newfoundland and Labrador E. J. Pratt Award 2005, and long-listed for Relit); Far from Home (a bestseller and a finalist for the 2006 Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage and History Award); The Gift of Christmas; The Newfoundland Tongue (a bestseller); Catherine Snow (a bestseller); Maiden from the Sea; and Ghost of the Southern Cross (a finalist in the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage and History Award). Nellie P. Strowbridge was also nominated for the NL Artist Achievement Award.

Books By Nellie P. Strowbridge