Selling Canadian Books in Colombia: A Guide for Canadian Publishers (2022)

9781988769714 (PDF)


Considered the third most important market in Latin America after Argentina and Mexico, Colombia has one of the region’s fastest growing book markets.

Our new market guide, Selling Canadian Books in Colombia (2022) provides an overview of Colombia’s publishing sector, including a comprehensive toolset for understanding the country’s book market structure, its main players, and recent developments in digital publishing. The report will also introduce Canadian publishers to Colombia’s legal framework related to book publishing and to the public policies aimed at fostering reading and access to books.

The guide includes information on:

  • Reading and Book Purchasing Habits
  • Exports and Imports
  • Bookstores and Distribution
  • Rights Sales and Translations
  • Book Fairs


About the Author

The Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en America Latina y el Caribe (CERLALC) [Regional Centre for Book Promotion in Latin America and the Caribbean] was created through a joint initiative between UNESCO and the Colombian Government. A co-operation agreement was signed on April 23, 1971, after a UNESCO General Conference that recommended establishing book promotion centres in different regions around the world. Its headquarters are in Bogotá. CERLALC acts as a think-tank and provides advice to the governments of its member states on reading, libraries, copyright laws, and the book publishing sector.

CERLALC has extensive experience in producing studies and compiling statistics on book publishing. Since 2006, CERLALC has published El espacio iberoamericano del libro every two years. It provides a comparative view of a 19-country publishing sector and its relationship with Spain and Portugal. Year after year, CERLALC processes and consolidates the data from the region’s national ISBN agencies, which is an important source of information for tracking the production of titles, characterizing the supply of published books, and identifying the agents publishing these books.


56 pages


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